Welcome to Kimmy's Kissables and thank you for visiting my online boutique!  My name is Kimberly and I wanted to share with you a little about myself and why I created Kimmy's Kissables. 

I am a stay at home mother of 2 beautiful children; 1 boy and 1 girl. I used to work a full time job in the medical field, and though I did find that line of work rewarding, I realized it wasn't my passion. I also realized that I was missing out on those special moments with my children that only happen once-first words, first steps, etc. I wanted to do something I loved without taking time away from my family. 

I wanted to start a business that catered to fun, unique and creative gifts. Besides the items I resell from other suppliers, I also offer my own brand of products. I became interested in the hidden jewelry business because of the ability to offer two gifts in one, however, I wanted to create something that stood out from all the other hidden jewelry manufacturers. How do I do this? By offering more jewelry options, higher chances of finding expensive jewelry and a limited warranty. Click here for more information on what makes Kimmy's Kissables stand out from the rest.  With a limited starting budget and a whole lot of determination Kimmy's Kissables was born.

I am dedicated to producing and reselling quality products made with quality ingredients. In addition, I stand by my statement that all Kimmy's Kissables hidden jewelry gifts should have quality jewelry hidden inside; that is why I reinvest my profit to increase your chances of finding valuable jewelry.

 I hope you enjoy your shopping experience and please leave me a message if you have any questions. And don't forget to follow me on Facebook!

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